Hello; I’m John Kirriemuir. I’m a researcher, writer, speaker and consultant, focusing on examples of climate change and energy transitions in digital games, with a specialisation in the representations of glaciers, ice sheets (and other components of the cryosphere), and sea level changes.

My academic and research years were spent in the fields of statistics and information science, followed by working for and managing online information services. Since switching to self-employed work in May 2001 I’ve provided a range of research and text-based services to clients in the education, private and public sectors. Deliverables include content for articles, guides and reports, websites, online toolkits and other digital information services; a few examples are described here.

Due to my science background and a long history of academic and education sector publications, content produced for clients is heavily grounded in the research base.

I live in Birmingham (England) but regularly spend time in Stockholm (Sweden) and Bergen (Norway). Outside of work I’m busy with a program of research threads. And (literally) outside of these I’m often on a long walk, and planning my next glacier hiking adventure.

Icebergs calving off a glacier in Vestgronland, Greenland