A list of some works I’ve carried out for clients which are publicly available. A few earlier works (2000-2004) are lost in the mists of time, while some clients have hired me to do non-public work.

There’s a main list of activities involving digital games and virtual world work since 2000. This includes articles, chapters, papers, reviews, guides, infokits, reports, presentations and other events. In more detail, there’s a selection of examples of completed work, and a list of some of the clients who have commissioned work relating to games or games in education.

In addition, there are two sub-collections of materials:

1) The Virtual World Watch service, partially funded by the Eduserv Foundation, produced a collection of survey reports, presentations, podcasts, articles and other materials between 2007 and 2012.

2) A column was written for every 2012 issue of CILIP Update, the bi-monthly magazine for UK librarians and information professionals. Each article introduces various aspects of games, and their relevance to libraries, librarians and information professionals.